eau my cookie! Singapore Cookie Artist

BEGINNER Class: Christmas Candyland


A Merry Introduction to the Art of Cookie Decorating!

This class is recommended for adults with little or no experience in baking and decorating cookies. The class will be held at 11 Sengkang Square. You will receive 2 recipes (adapted to our humid conditions), a re-usable piping practice sheet and a scribe tool.


Learn how to bake the perfect cookie for decorating. The ideal cookie canvas is one that keeps its shape after baking, and has a nice, flat surface as well as clean, sharp edges.

Receive a detailed introduction to royal icing as a medium to decorate cookies. Learn how to achieve the right icing consistencies for different decorating techniques.

Pick up piping and flooding techniques used by seasoned decorators to achieve professional-looking cookies. Get tips on how to streamline your cookie decorating projects for greater success and efficiency.

Work on a set of cookies using a variety of basic decorating techniques that can be applied to any cookie design you want. These techniques include: outlining, flooding, adding wet-on-wet details, piping details with thick icing, adding dimensions and embellishments

Post-class troubleshooting is available to ensure your success!

The cookie cutters that I’ve designed and created for this class can be purchased from my web shop. Students who purchase the cookie cutters can opt to collect their orders when they come for class.