Are you an aspiring cookie artist?

Find out how easy it is to bake and decorate beautiful and delicious cookies in your own kitchen without a whole bunch of specialist tools and equipment. You do not need to be an experienced baker or be artistically inclined to pick up the basics of cookie decorating. Our classes focus on decorating with royal icing, a versatile medium that tastes great with roll-out cookies. You will also receive recipes that have been adapted to suit humid conditions, and pick up lots of tried-and-tested tips on achieving fun, stress-free baking and decorating sessions at home.


Class Schedule

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Private Classes

Private group classes (minimum 3 participants) or one-on-one instruction are available for students of all skill levels.

The class synopsis may be adjusted to suit your skill level and cookie designs can be based on your preferred theme. All cookies, icing and tools will be provided. After the class, each participant will take home 2 recipes, a scribe tool and about 6 cookies that he or she has beautifully decorated. For more info or to schedule your private class, please contact us at